Cyber Crimes Continue to Rise.

How protected are you?

The number of Businesses Reporting Cyber Attacks

61% of businesses reported a cyber attack last year.

43% of Breach victims were small businesses.

The Growth in Cyber Security Scams…

COVID-19 has been the largest security threat to date with a 600% growth in scams.

The United States Ranks highest with 18.2% of all ransomware attacks.

The Cost of a Data Breach…

The average cost from a data breach from remote work is $137,000.

The average cost per Stolen Record is $150.

How do Data Breaches Happen?

Learn where the breaches happen and what we do to protect you from them with Total Protect.

Phishing accounts for 43.81% of Compromised Credentials.

Compromised or Stolen Credentials occur 30.48% by Unknown Methods.

Ransomware and Hacking are 8.57% of Breaches each!

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.” 

– Stephane Nappo​​​​​​​
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